Eyesight Support Lutein, 10 days doses. Blue light protection, smart phone, iPad, keep eye sight, stiff shoulders, OEM

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Improve Eyesight
eye supplement
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Yamada Farm
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Protect against blue light damage
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10000 Box/Boxes per Month
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High quality and Best-selling blueberry fruit and Yamada no Lutein with multiple functions made in Japan



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Yamada no Lutein 10


Retail price:2480YEN

Size: w80 x D56 x H52

Volume: 9g (0.9 x 10bag)





Shape: indivisually packed

(soft cupsule)

form : box





Light produced from TV's or computers will take its toll on the eye.

Individuals will also suffer deterioration of the eye past the age of 50.

Macular degeneration causes blurry field of view. And Cataracts are caused when the lens of the eye become white causing a blur to the vision.

For both cases, it is said that the Reactive Oxygen produced by ultra violet rays triggers the symptoms mentioned above. Lutein which is extracted from Marigold hold powerful anti-oxidizing properties. It is present in the lens of the eye corresponding to the Macula in the center of the Retina. Its job is to absorb harmful rays that the eye receives.

Yamada's Lutein contains Anthocyanin which supports the formation of photoreceptor cells, Chondroitin Sulfate which organizes the formation of the eye, 3 types of well balanced antioxidants Vitamin A. C. E are included. This product is recommended for individuals who seek clear and sharp vision.







Main Component




Lutein is a type of Carotenoid which has antioxidant (suppresses the active oxygen produced within the body) properties with a yellow natural pigment. It is a nutrient present in vegetables high in beta carotene such as spinach and broccoli, petals of marigold. Lutein is mostly contained in the Macula (It is the area in the eye in which light is gathered the most and plays an essential role for the vision of the eye) and the crystalline lens within the lens which is in the center of the Retina. It is often called "Natural Sunglasses" since it suppresses reactive oxygen and protects the eyes from ultra violet rays from sunlight, light emitted from TV's, computers, cell phones, LED displays, electronic bulletin boards and fluorescent light. The daily recommended intake of Luteinis 10mg. If you were to compare it with consumption through foods, it would be equivalent to eating 2 bowls of spinach salad, 666 mini tomatoes and 21 carrots. With "Yamada's Lutein" extracted from marigold, it is possible to achieve a daily intake of 15mg of Lutein with just 2 capsules.



A Carotenoid is a general term of the natural pigment that is present in animals and plants. It is confirmed that there are at least 600 varieties of Carotenoids in nature. The features of Carotenoids consist of acting as an antioxidant to remove excess carcinogens and active oxygen throughout the body.





The 3 types of Antibiotics


3 Types of essential Vitamins has been added to the blend in order to maximize the prevention of damage caused to the eyes. It consists of Vitamin A, C, E. They all have antioxidant properties and the 3 Vitamins work together to provide better overall effectiveness.


1.B-Carotene(Vitamin A)
Vitamin A preserves the health of the skin and eye health. It is especially effective for eye sight, sense of brightness and darkness. When one is deficient in Vitamin A, it can lead to damage to the Cornea and Mucous Membranes of the eye, and it can also lead to symptoms such as Dry Eye.


2.Vitamin C
Vitamin C assists in creation of Collagen, powerful Antioxidant properties(works to prevent oxidization by oxygen) serve to protect cells and tissues affected by active oxygen which is a big factor in the process of aging, also boosting the immune system of the body. It is also said that it is an essential nutrient in order to preserve the Cataract lens from deteriorating.


 3.Vitamin E
Vitamin E provides powerful antioxidant properties in order to preserve deterioration of the cells throughout the body. It is commonly referred to as "Vitamin of Rejuvenation". It is considered as an essential nutrient to protect the body of reactive oxygen, aging and lifestyle diseases.



Chondroitin (Salmon cartilage extract)



Chondroitin is abundant in the cornea of the eye, cartilage, bone, internal organs and the skin of our body. It is a component that provides elasticity and water retention to the body and helps with the metabolism of the absorption of nutrients. It is produced naturally in our body during the growth period, however the amount of Chondroitin produced decrease with age, which can lead to joint pain and back pain. Chondroitin is said to be very effective towards join pain, osteoporosis, and promotes beauty. It is also an essential component for our eyes. It is found in the Cornea, which helps form the shape of the eyes, Vitreous body of the eye (a jelly like substance located behind the crystalline lens of the eye), Ciliary body of the eye (the position surrounding the crystalline lens). It is a component similar to tears which help prevent symptoms such as dry eye.





Anthocyaninsis a water-soluble vacuolar pigment that may appear red, purple, or blue. It is a type of Polyphenolcontained in blueberries, eggplant and sweet potatoes. The purpose of Anthocyaninsare to protect the vegetation from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun, similar to how Melanin works for humans.

The human body uses the Melanin to darken the skin in order to protect the skin and cells from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Anthocyaninsis an essential component to assist in the re-synthesis of the substance "Rhodopsin" which is contained in the body's photoreceptor cells.

" Vision" is achieved when light or an object is processed by the eyes and a signal is sent to the brain to form an image in order for us to recognize what we are looking at.

The protein " Rhodopsin" located in the Retina of the eye sends the signals to our brain. The Rhodopsingathers the information from the light and transmits the information to our brain, then the brain process the information and that's what allows us to see objects, providing us with Vision.

Upon receiving the light and information, Rhodopsin deteriorates each time when something is processed. The Rhodopsinthen regenerates in order to obtain additional information throughout the day. However, as this cycle is repeated, the regeneration of Rhodopsinbecome delayed over time.

When a delay of activity occurs, it leads to symptoms of eye fatigue and blurry vision.

Anthocyaninhelps with the regeneration of Rhodopsin, and with the intake of Lutein, one can expect vigorous vision over time.





By the patent formula of KeminHealth of USA, It is a natural substance that is extracted, purified and crystallized from Marigold flowers that are cultivated under quality control developed from the seeds from southern India. It is cultivated by hand with methods that do not use chemical pesticides. FloraGLO®LUTEINis often regarded as the first Luteinproduct to be approved by GRAS.


GRAS stands for Generally Recognized As Safe. It is a form of a certification system for food safety in the United States. Products that are approved by GRAS undergoes strict inspection for its approval for excellent quality. It is a product component that is widely recognized internationally as well.


Consumption Point


For individuals experiencing blurry or hazy vision


For individuals who have difficulty reading small texts such as text on cell phones


For individuals who constantly experience eye fatigue


For individuals who use the computer for a long time


For individuals who read magazines or newspapers often


For individuals who operate automobiles often


Nutrition Fact & Ingredients


Nutritious Fact

Calories : 2.84kcal
Protein : 0.14g
Total Fat : 0.22g
Carbohydrate : 0.07g
Sodium : 1.22mg



Marigold Colour,AstragalusComplanatusSeed Extract
BillberryExtract Powder,BlackcurrantExtract Powder
French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Powder,Salmon
cartilage extract,Multipleberry extract powder,
Beeswax,β-Carotene,Glycerinfatty acid ester,Gelatin
Glycerolwild,bilberry, elderberry and raspberry)
Nikko maple extract powder,Hyaluronicacid,L-
Ascorbic acid,d-α-tocophero,Grapeseed oil



Great deal box and OPP small pack are also available!






Yamada no Lutein 

Retail price : 5800YEN

Volume : 27g  (0.9 ×  30 bags )







Yamada no Lutein OPP pack

 Retail pricce : 200YEN

450mg × 2capsule × 2 bag





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Company Information

We are a Japanese company with twenty years experience in producing and selling health-related products in Japan and overseas.

Our aim is to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional Japanese knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients to create unique products in benefit of human health.


Company nameEminowa Co. Ltd.
AddressZipcode 812-0011
SIHD Hakata Prestige Main bldg,3F 2-17-1 Hakataekimae Hakata-ku Fukuoka City Japan
Date of foundation1998
Registered Capital10M JPY
DirectorManabu Inoue
Employee200(February of 2016)
BusinessDM seeking and wholesale of health supplements, food and machines.
Main BankFukuoka Bank Hakada Ekimae Branch
Alliance OrganizationJapan DM Sales Association Membership



From Japan to the world. 

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Our headquarters at Fukuoka city, Japan. 


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We are actively involved in the presentation of our products in national and international expositions, conventions, etc.

At Eminowa we are convinced that improving people's health is one of the best ways to contribute a more harmonious and wealthy society not just in Japan but all over the world. 





We produce all our products in an ISO 9001, JAS, and GMP certified factory.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certified” means an organization has met the requirements in ISO9001. This means the organization is committed to total quality management; a customer focus, a continually improving process approach implemented throughout the organization, critical processes and their interactions are understood and documented, and a strong management commitment to all these facets of the ISO 9001.


About JAS mark

This mark certifies that the products are organically grown without the use of any agricultural chemicals (include chemical fertilizers) under strict Japanese organic conditions.


About GMP

GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ActThese regulations, which have the force of law, require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of drugs, medical devices, some food, and blood take proactive steps to ensure that their products are safe, pure, and effective.


Example of Aojiru's production process at one of our factories